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Quality of Life Planning® Application (QoLa)


We are proud to provide fiduciary advice through our business model of providing independent financial planning and advice solutions to employers, unions, and associations for the benefit of their employees. Our firm works with mid to large size groups including employers, unions, and associations to create a customized financial advisory experience for your members. As an independent firm, we are able to provide financial planning and advice free from the conflicts of interest that may be encountered when dealing with retirement custodians and other wealth management firms. The core of each relationship is a uniquely designed AI application that helps facilitate member engagement and interaction with our Certified Financial Planners. We help your organization develop greater community and connection with members by showing you care about their quality of life!

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Personal Financial Planning & Advice for the Rest of Us

There are two main reasons groups select Dorval & Chorne to provide member financial planning and advice – personal attention and independence.

Personal Attention

Everything about your member planning environment is customized to help facilitate interaction with a dedicated team of Certified Financial Planners. We go far beyond generic tools and education into personalized planning and advice focused on enhancing member quality of life. Our team of advisors is not only accessible through our AI application, but also available for onsite or virtual group and individual meetings, email, and phone calls on demand. You are never working with a 1-800 number call center located on a different continent!

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Dorval and Chorne financial advisors are independent which helps eliminate both real and perceived conflicts of interest in working with members. Our independence is a big reason why your people will trust our advice!

 What better way to show you really care about your members than helping enhance their quality of life? Everyone talks about caring but are you actually doing something!

Our Services for Employers

Our firm provides customized financial advice and planning programs uniquely designed for each employer. Those who utilize our service gain:

  • Access to experienced financial advisors to provide personalized analysis and recommendations uniquely designed for your company.
  • On demand individual meetings, phone conversations, and/or e-mail interaction with employees to address financial questions or concerns as they come up.
  • Participant level asset allocation guidance and education.
  • Creation of model portfolios utilizing your specific retirement plan fund options.
  • Financial education seminars in a wide array of financial topics (customized for each relationship).
  • Access to a searchable electronic version of Dan Dorval’s book, Financial Success for the Rest of Us: Reality Based Financial Planning for Mainstream America.
  • A custom AI application branded for your organization and designed specifically for your employee benefits.  

Introducing QoLa

QoLa is an AI based platform that was originally designed for nurses to help them better understand their retirement plan and/or pension, enhances the benefits of membership in your contract or organization, and is a fantastic tool for your organization to attract and retain young people in your profession. We are meeting the next generation where they live…online!



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Benefits to Your Organization

  • Reduce demand on your department which may lead to less staffing and ease of budget constraints
  • Lowers irritation for staff and employees from repeated benefit-related questions
  • Improve awareness of your valuable total benefit package which could encourage longevity
  • Offer a one stop concise and descriptive view to all benefits in the context of employees’ personal situations and quality of life.
  • Appreciation and respect for your department because you are doing something unique and creative to really help employees on a personal level

Benefits to Your Employees or Members

  • User-friendly interface set up to look and feel like like an in-person interview
  • Dashboard to provide personalized financial advice based on their unique life and financial situation
  • Contribution and investment recommendations tailored to your employer-sponsored retirement plan
  • Access to learning library to address frequently asked questions and provide financial education.
  • Access to a Certified Financial PlannerTM.

In addition to QoLa, nurses have access to a Certified Financial PlannerTM . We offer nurses financial planning and advice, which differs from investment management that may be offered through their 401k/403b custodian or wealth managers who are solely focused on portfolios. Financial planning and advice involve numerous puzzle pieces to cover every facet of a nurse's life. Our focus is aligning a nurse's resources with their quality-of-life goals, which may mean we need to provide advice regarding a mortgage or estate planning. If a nurse calls their retirement plan custodian, they will not discuss anything outside of their portfolio. 

Nurses can simply click a button within the QoLa application to schedule a meeting with a CFP® to discuss their specific quality of life goals.