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VIDEO: Quality of Life Planning®: Group Advisory Program Thumbnail

VIDEO: Quality of Life Planning®: Group Advisory Program

by Dan Dorval & Leah Woodly

Learn more about how thousands of nurses and other healthcare professionals have access to financial planning and advice through Dorval & Chorne's Group Advisory Program. Learn how the program got started and how this benefit is accessible to your organization or association. 

About Our Group Sponsored Financial Advisory Programs: Our firm works with mid to large size groups including employers, unions, and associations to create a customized financial advisory experience for your members. The core of each relationship is a uniquely designed AI application that helps facilitate member engagement and interaction with our Certified Financial Planners. We help your organization develop greater community and connection with members by showing you care about their quality of life! 

Quality of Life Nurse Award: Do you know a #nurse who is improving the quality of their patients, coworkers, community members or others? Nominate them for the Dorval & Chorne Quality of Life Nurse Award. A cash prize will be given on the first Thursday of each month and the nurse will be recognized on the Quality of Life Planning channel. Nominations can be made here.

The Dorval & Chorne Advantage: Our firm believes financial planning is a process, not a product. Our clients have given us their trust. Our mission is to repay that trust by helping our clients attain their most important priorities regardless of their net worth. That is why we are passionate about helping you pursue your goals through focused and informed financial decisions. Through consistent, high-quality service, we are here to help you achieve the same comfort and stability we would want for our own family. 

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